Spiderpodium – Flexible Gadget Grip – White


RRP Price (inc gst): $34.95


Warranty:  1  Year

Spiderpodium is arguably the best travel dock available on the market today and certainly the most useful accessory suited to smartphone to smartphone video conferencing such as FaceTime on the new iPhone 4. The products flexible nature allows for Spiderpodium to position a phone at virtually any angle, in any position, in any location! This makes Spiderpodium the ultimate accessory for video conferencing without restriction. Spiderpodium has been designed, re-designed and then designed again to accomodate virtually every handheld portable device available both now, and in the future. Yes. It’s that well designed! The hole in the body is specifically designed to allow most all proprietary chargers fit through for charged docking. Thus eliminating need for additional purchase of a Spiderpodium for each device or gadget you own! Clever? Yes. Very! Designed with today’s portable handheld consumer electronics in mind, the ‘take it everywhere, use it anywhere’ Spiderpodium portable dock & podium is a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium which is compatible with most all compact handheld devices including smartphones, portable phones, portable movie players, mp3/4 players, gaming systems, SatNav’s, camcorders, portable projectors, compact camera’s, e-readers and more!