Sonnet Tango FW400/USB2.0 PCI Express Card (2xFW, 3xUSB)

RRP Price (inc gst): $125.00

Part #: FWUSB2A-E

Warranty:  1  Year

Add Plenty of Ports for Peripherals
Everybody with a computer has peripherals with USB or FireWire® connectors—keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, digital cameras, iPod® mobile digital devices, external drives, DV camcorders, to name a few, but computers never seem to have enough ports to connect them all. Plug and unplug peripherals all the time—talk about inconvenient. Hubs—who needs them? Install a Tango™ Express card into your computer to instantly add the USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 ports you need!

Sonnet’s Tango Express features three USB 2.0 and two FireWire 400 ports, each independently powered and capable of supporting bus-powered peripherals (devices that can work without a separate power supply, including some external drives and scanners). And unlike hubs, each port offers full-bandwidth data throughput, so there is no performance penalty due to two or more devices sharing a single connection. Best of all, Tango Express offers simple plug and play installation—you’ll be more connected in minutes.

  • Simple way to add more USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 ports to any compatible computer
  • Easy installation – plug and play – no drivers to install
  • Supports simultaneous low-, full-, and hi-speed device connections – maximizes performance for each port
  • Provides fast interface to download videos from your digital camcorder, transfer files to external drives, and more
  • Supports hot-swappable device connection–plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer