Sonnet Allegro USB3.0 PCI Express Card (4 ports) Mac/Windows

RRP Price (inc gst): $119.00

Part #: USB3-4PM-E

Warranty:  1  Year

With more and more USB 3.0 peripherals coming on to the market — digital cameras, external drives—and there never seems to be enough ports on a computer to plug all of them in at the same time. Problem solved—install a Sonnet Allegro™ USB 3.0 PCIe in your computer to add four USB 3.0 ports! Considering a hub? Consider the tradeoffs. Every peripheral you plug in has to share a single port’s bandwidth (potentially affecting the devices’ performance), and you may have to plug it into a power outlet as well as your computer in order to operate some devices.

  • Adds four USB 3.0 ports to any compatible computer without the tradeoffs of a hub
  • Supports hot-swappable device connection—plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer

  • Supports bus-powered devices without a separate power supply
  • Easy installation—plug and play—no drivers to install