SF3 Series – CFexpress/XQD Card Reader – Thunderbolt 3

RRP Price (inc gst): $489.00

Part #: SF3-2CFEX

Warranty:  1  Year

Whether you’re capturing 4K at 60P RAW video footage to CFexpress™ memory cards, or shooting hundreds of photos in a session and saving them to XQD™ memory cards, the generated files are huge, and the cards fill up fast. Moving those files to your computer for editing is a must, but if you use the wrong tool, you’ll spend a lot of time waiting around. Get a Sonnet SF3™ Series – CFexpress/XQD Pro Card Reader; it’s the ultimate tool for finishing the job fast.

The SF3 Series – CFexpress/XQD Pro Card Reader is ultra-fast, able to ingest files from CFexpress and XQD cards at their maximum speeds. Better still, it can ingest files simultaneously from two CFexpress cards—at more than double the average ingest speed of other CFexpress or XQD card readers—to cut your ingest times in half.

Sonnet’s SF3 Series pro card readers include threaded mount points that enable you to securely attach two readers side-by-side on a rack tray in just 1U of rack space.

Measuring 5.75 inches wide by 1 inch tall by 3.5 inches deep, the SF3 Series – CFexpress/XQD Pro Card Reader is suitable for use in any workspace and workflow; for DITs working multi-camera shoots or in a small space, the Sonnet reader’s design advantages stand out.

Built with rugged aluminum enclosures, SF3 Series card readers are designed to be stacked and daisy chained, enabling multiple CFexpress/XQD, REDMINI-MAG®, SxS™, and CFast™ 2.0 readers to occupy the same footprint, while connecting to your computer through a single cable. Now you can take advantage of Thunderbolt 3’s 2750 MB/s bandwidth to ingest four, six or more cards simultaneously!

  • Bus Interface
    • 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3
  • External Connectors
    • Two CFexpress 2.0 Type B/XQD card slots
    • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
    • Power port
  • Power Adapter
    • Universal 60W, 100-240V AC, 50–60 Hz
  • Supported Media
    • CFexpress 2.0 Type B
    • XQD
  • Reader Dimensions (WxDxH)
    • 5.75 x 3.5 x 1 in. (147 x 88.3 x 35.6 mm)