Kensington Toshiba Family 90W Laptop Charger

RRP Price (inc gst): $99.95

Part #: 38085

Warranty:  1  Year

The Kensington Toshiba Family Laptop Charger with USB Power Port charges multiple devices throughout the day. It is guaranteed compatible with top selling laptop brands yet does not stop at providing reliable power for laptops. The built-in USB power port can also charge smartphones, headsets and other portable electronic devices.

  • Input: 100VAC_240VAC (50Hz-60Hz), 1.5A Max*
  • Output: 14-17VDC at 5.20A Max, 17-21VDC at 4.74A Max, USB port 5VDC at 1.0A Max
  • Built-in USB power port charges your mobile phone, mp3 player and other mobile devices as well as your laptop from a single plug
  • Ideal for use on the road, at home, in the office
  • Output power: 90W continuous
  • Disclaimer: Some tips may not be compatible with all laptop models of the manufacturers as shown. Check
  • Includes laptop Smart Tips to charge multiple models of Toshiba laptops
  • Setup is easy with colour-coded smart tips
  • Smart power technology senses and delivers the amount of power needed to charge your laptop–no more, no less
  • Provides reliable power at a great price
  • Over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection
  • Some laptop/devices have very specific electrical requirements which may result in no compatible connector becoming available for that laptop/device