Kensington SmartFit Column Mount Extendable Monitor Arm

RRP Price (inc gst): $299.95

Part #: 60904

Warranty:  1  Year

idea: Raise your productivity to new levels!
Attach your monitor to the Column Mount Extended Monitor Arm and you’re ready to enjoy the reduced eye and neck strain and increased productivity that come from a perfectly positioned monitor. Dual pivot points even allow you to move the monitor closer to you.

  • Improves ergonomics for reduced eye and neck strain.
  • SmartFit system helps you correctly adjust monitor for proper ergonomics.

  • Effortless adjustment vertically, horizontally, and even distance from user.
  • Cable management system reduces desktop clutter.
  • Works with the Kensington MicroSaver® Security Lock to lock down your equipment.
  • Assembles in minutes without tools.