Kensington Privacy Screen for Surface Pro

RRP Price (inc gst): $89.95

Part #: 64489

Warranty:  1  Year

Protect the sensitive information on your Surface Pro & Surface Pro 4 and reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data on your screen. This privacy screen is designed specifically for Microsofts Surface Pro & Surface Pro 4

  • Exclusively designed for the microsoft surface pro this privacy screen is compatible with the touch screen
  • Limits viewing angle to +/- 30°, hiding personal or confidential information from anyone trying to snoop
  • Reduces harmful blue light by up to 30%
  • Can be installed using included double-Sided tape
  • Anti-Reflective coating reduces glare and improves clarity
  • Reversible with matte and glossy viewing options
  • Protects the monitor screen from scratches and damage
  • Cleaning cloth included