Kensington Premium Anti Fatigue Mat

RRP Price (inc gst): $165.95

Part #: 55401

Warranty:  1  Year

Maximizing the health benefits of standing while working, the anti-Fatigue mat is made of the highest quality materials and Ergonomically engineered to reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet while providing durable comfort at the office, laboratory or Workshop

  • Ergonomically engineered to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet
  • Anti-Slip surface reduces slipping concerns and ensures mat stays in place
  • Beveled edge ensures mat will not roll-Up, is trip-Resistant, and provides 18° angle for office chair
  • Non-Toxic & flame resistant materials are vinyl and bpa-Free, supporting stricter environmental standards
  • Ships flat to prevent unwanted creases and curled edges
  • Enhanced shock absorption, and better durability for high traffic areas to ensure mat will not break
  • Easy-To-Clean waterproof and oil-Resistant surface