Griffin TuneJuice Universal – 5v USB Charger uses 3 x AA batteries

RRP Price (inc gst): $39.95

Part #: GC23058

Warranty:  1  Year

We all know the heartbreak of dead batteries. Don’t let it happen to you. TuneJuice Universal uses three readily-available AA batteries to charge your MP3 player or other USB-charging device. Just slide open TuneJuice Universal’s battery compartment, pop the batteries in, and plug in your device’s USB charge/sync cable. We’ve even included a fresh set of batteries to get you started.

A must-have for travel, camping or anywhere else you might face the bleak prospect of dead batteries.

  • Uses 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Output: 5 V @ 850 mA

  • Works with mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices that charge via USB
  • Adds up to 2.25 hours of talk time (on iPhone 3GS)
  • Note: Will not work with iPad