Gecko Pace Sensor Holder


RRP Price (inc gst): $19.95

Part #: GG9000001

Warranty:  1  Year

Gecko pace. Attach your Sport Kit Sensor to any shoe! The Gecko pace has been designed to hold your Sport Kit Sensor securely in place. A light, compact structure made from Runsafe reflective material, Gecko pace allows you to be seen and be safe while running outdoors. Its rugged, weather-proof and works with any lace-up running shoe, anywhere!

  • Reflective material.
    Constructed from heavy-duty Runsafe reflective material Ideal for running outdoors at night. Be seen, be safe!
  • Secure fit.
    Sport Kit Sensor is held securely in place by a tight fitting elastic pocket. Feed the Gecko pace between your running shoe laces then snap shut with velcro ensuring your Sensor will not move or fall out. Gecko pace is so light you won’t even know you are wearing it!
  • Choose your runner.
    Every runner has a preferred running shoe, with Gecko pace you choose which running shoe you want to use while still using the Sport kit sensor’s amazing technology.