Editors Keys – Keyboard Stickers for Premiere

RRP Price (inc gst): $35.00

Part #: EK-PM

Warranty:  1  Year

Premiere Keyboard Set Details
The Editors Keys keyboard set for Adobe Premiere Pro CS is an essential tool for video editors running Adobe Premiere Pro CS1, Pro CS2, Pro CS3 and NEW Pro CS4 and all versions of Adobe Premiere Elements.

The Premiere Pro CS keyboard stickers are proven to increase productivity of your editing by up to 40% and also add that professional edit suite touch to your keyboard. With its low price, it’s something you really ‘can’ afford in the economic climate.

The Adobe Premiere Keyboard sets contain 50 color grouped shortcut keys which are easy to apply and are compatible with all standard keyboards, both black and white. Each Shortcut Key contains the keys letter, the Adobe Premiere shortcut icon and also a text shortcut underneath for quicker shortcut access.

Each Premiere Keyboard set comes complete with the Editors Tool, a handy tool for applying each sticker to your keyboard, for perfect positioning every time!
Our Premiere Keyboard sets aren’t just normal stickers.They are made from over 40 micro- interweaved layers, both for optimal durability and to help blend in with your own keyboard. The key set is easily applied to any standard size PC or Mac keyboard, and comes complete with the handy Ëœeditors tool’ to make sure every key is placed perfectly onto your keyboard.

We all want to save money and help to protect the environment, so now is the right time to choose your Premiere Keyboard over dedicated plastic editing keyboards. Editors Keys use around 98.7% less plastics in the production of a keyboard set, compared to the production of a single dedicated editing keyboard. This also means your products are around 10-15 times cheaper too, which means great savings for you!

  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CS1, Pro CS2, Pro CS3 and NEW Pro CS4
  • Voted 5/5 Stars – Sound on Sound Magazine Nov 2007

  • Edit faster than ever. (Proven to increase your speed by up to 40%)
  • Learn all the shortcuts with the award winning Editors Keys.
  • Help to protect the environment, 98% less plastic than buying a full editing keyboard.
  • Transform your own keyboard into a full editing keyboard.