Drobo 5N – 5 Bay NAS 3.5″ – Gigibit Ethernet

RRP Price (inc gst): $1,449.00

Part #: DRDS4A61

Warranty:  1  Year

Data Protection and Expandability Made Simple
Built on award-winning BeyondRAID technology with single- or dual-drive redundancy, Drobo 5N protects your data without any user interaction, even in the event of multiple drive failures.
Drives can be added or hot-swapped on-the-fly for storage expansion with zero downtime. If you’re running low on space, the lights on the front tell you what to do. Just add a drive in an empty bay or remove a smaller drive and replace it with a larger one.

High-Speed Connectivity
The Drobo 5N is equipped with a single Gigabit Ethernet port for network connectivity and connects directly to your network to make sharing your data easy. Just plug it into any switch or wireless router and you’re ready to go. You can even connect the Drobo 5N directly to the Ethernet port on your computer without having to configure any settings.

Capacity AND Performance
Data-Aware Tiering technology, usually reserved for business-class storage solutions, is also available in this networked Drobo. It intelligently uses the high-performance SSDs to accelerate performance of the storage array, allowing applications such as Adobe Lightroom and Apple iPhoto or iTunes fast access to data. To keep capacity of the Drobo at a maximum, the Drobo Accelerator Bay accepts an industry-standard mSATA SSD, leaving all five 3.5″ drives bays available for high-capacity HDDs.
If getting the fastest performance possible is your thing, you can also load up every drive bay with SSDs. Drobo gives you the flexibility to choose.

Power Protecting Your Critical Data
Drobo doesn’t just protect you from a drive failure, but also from potential data loss after a power outage. Often found only in arrays that cost tens of thousands of dollars, Drobo 5N includes a battery that protects all data in memory, or cache, that is, data on its way to the drives.
When power spontaneously goes away, the battery keeps the Drobo alive long enough for the data to be written to non-volatile storage, ensuring your important information is safe. This battery recharges itself and is designed to last for the life of the product.

Designed for You
Drobo devices have always been space efficient and the Drobo 5N is no exception. It was designed from the ground up to provide very high capacity without taking up a lot of your valuable desk space. It is compact because of Drobo’s unique carrierless drive-bay design, allowing drives to be installed very close to each other.
Drobo 5N is also significantly quieter than previous-generation Drobos due to its tuned, large, variable-speed cooling fan. You can even configure Drobo to spin down drives when they’re not in use to further reduce noise and save energy.

  • Connectivity
    1 x Gigabit Ethernet port
    6 ft Ethernet cable provided
  • Capacity
    Up to five (5) 3.5″ SATA II / III hard disk drives or solid state drives (sold separately)
    and one (1) mSATA solid state drive (sold separately)
    Drives of mixed capacity, spindle speed, and/or cache can be used. No carriers or tools required. Click here for drive recommendations
    Expandable by adding drives or hot-swapping drives with larger ones. Use the 5-bay Capacity Calculator to estimate available storage in various configurations
  • BeyondRAID Features
    Thin Provisioning
    Instant Expansion
    Mixed Drive Size Utilization
    Automatic Protection Levels
    Dual Disk Redundancy
    Virtual Hot Spare
    Data Aware
    Drive Re-ordering
  • Management
    Drive bay indicator lights, capacity gauge, status lights
    Drobo Dashboard version 2.4 or later
  • Operating System Support
    Mac OS X 10.7.x Lion
    Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion
    Windows 7 SP1 32 and 64 bit
    Windows 8 32 and 64 bit
  • Network Protocols
    Common Internet File System (CIFS) / Server Message Block (SMB)
    Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
  • Hardware Features
    Carrier-less Drive Bays
    Power Fail Protection
    Kensington Lock Port for Security (lock not included)
  • Additional Software Features
    Data-Aware Tiering
    OS X Time Machine Support
    Drive Spin Down
    Dim Lights
  • Warranty
    Standard 1-year warranty; extend to 2 or 3 years and enhance support with DroboCare
  • Size and Weight
    Desktop Form Factor
    Width: 5.9 in (150.3 mm)
    Height: 7.3 in (185.4 mm)
    Depth: 10.3 in (262.3 mm)
    Weight: 8.5 lb (without hard drives, power supply, or packaging)
  • Power and Cooling
    External Power Supply: AC Input – 100-240VAC~2A, 50-60Hz; DC Output – 12V, 12.5A, 150W max
    Single, fixed, variable speed cooling fan
  • Box Contents
    Drobo 5N
    6 ft (1.8 m) Ethernet cable
    6 ft (1.8 m) power cord with power supply
    Quick Start Card