Griffin Harness Kit for iPad


The gear you need when your iPad is your most important tool. The Harness Kit combines protection and carrying in a versatile case solution that keeps your iPad close at hand.

The Harness Kit mounts onto your iPad quickly and easily with reinforced corner bands. On its back, it gives you an X arrangement of two one-and-a-half-inch-wide elastic webbing hand straps. Slip either hand inside the X and use the other hand to consult your iPad one-handed, all without breaking your stride.

Four 3/4″ hexagon D-rings triple-sewn into the handstrap corners give you plenty of connection points for the padded shoulder strap. An inner layer of sponge foam padding takes up the slack and conforms the harness to the shape of your Survivor case, with a spacer mesh to keep it breathable.


A removable rain cover keeps your iPad weather-ready. And the shoulder strap and rain cover fit inside a ballistic nylon storage bag (with an oversize zipper pull for gloved fingers). Your iPad wears the storage bag snapped onto its corner D-rings like its own little backpack. Everything is neat, self-contained, and work-ready.

Retail Price: $69.95 inc gst


• Work-ready harness and case system for iPad
• Snug hand straps for one-handed use on the go
• Padded shoulder strap with 4 D-ring connection points
• Elastic-rimmed nylon rain cover
• Self-contained ballistic nylon storage bag


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