Bob Zelin’s 2014 “It’s not NAB until the Zelinator weighs in” report

The clients of Bob Zelin’s Orlando Florida based clients facility systems design business don’t care about hype. They only want to hear the same thing you do: “Does this thing really work, and is it cheap?” The two aren’t always compatible. Sometimes cheaper tech makes business harder, and hype is always in the way — but you can count on Bob to call ’em as he sees ’em. At NAB 2014, Bob saw plenty, from plummeting prices for 4K to vastly expanding options for storage.

We here at MacSense especially liked his findings quoted below:

Let me cut to the chase. My favorite booth, and my favorite product was Sonnet Technologies, that showed their new xMac Pro. It takes the silly round new Mac Pro, and puts it into a standard 4 rack unit rack mount case…….

Check out Bob’s whole report on the South Hall of NAB 2014:

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